5 tips for the collocation of wearing wide-leg pants

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5 tips for the collocation of wearing wide-leg pants

Skinny legged jeans and pants … they came in with a bang but the wide-leg pants are making a grand return. It has been popping up for a few years but it’s here with more wide-spread appeal this season. If you haven’t shopped in a while, this is the season to add this one item to your wardrobe!

We’ve seen the shorter, wide-leg culotte look for a few years and some embraced it but it isn’t the fashion trend that was made for all women and thus it definitely has not been embraced by all women. But the longer version is far easier to wear as it’s simply a more flattering silhouette. Follow these simple rules and embrace this old look, which is new and modern once again.

How to Wear Wide-Leg Pants

1. Purchase a pair in a neutral color like grey, black, white, cream, camel or navy.

If you haven’t been wearing wide-leg pants the past couple of years and you jump in with a bold pattern or color, it may be too hard of a switch to make. So tread lightly and go with a neutral, easy color. Of course, we’re big fans of red or orange if you feel the need to step out of the neutral box.

wide-leg pants


2.Consider a pair of wide-leg jeans.

In dark denim, this look can go both weekends and work casually. In more distressed denim, it’s just a very cool look with flats, heels, and sneakers, alike.


3.Tuck in your top. Or, if you are one to show off your abs, this is a way to do it.

Simply said, show off your waistline. It just looks sloppy with your top hanging loose paired with loose pants*. I know there are many women reading this saying “No way; can’t do it.” Okay … what about if you wore a jacket over the tucked-in top with the wide-leg pants? Then you have a waist but a little more comfort with the extra layer.


4.Consider one color head to toe.

Black, head to toe. Grey, head to toe. White, head to toe. The silhouette is just so pretty and, with the movement of the pants, it makes a beautiful statement.


5.Buy a (slightly) cropped style for a dressy look.

I know, I know. It’s so easy to hate this look. Unless you don’t. But it’s all about proportion and cut. You don’t need a flared leg, just a straight-leg or slightly wide-leg pant — and they need to hit, ideally, a couple of inches above your ankle. Or go full wide pant! Again, play with your proportions — and this is where a good tailor is key. Some women may look better with the cropped style three inches above her ankle while another looks good with the seam right at her ankle. It depends on your height and shape. But please, do not have them hit your calf … that is not a flattering look on most. Some … yes; but again, not most.


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