Trendy colors of spring and summer 2018 from PANTONE

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   Trendy colors of spring and summer 2018 from PANTONE

trendy colors

 trendy colors  

12 trendy colors of “Spring and Summer 2018 Colour Trend Reports” for New York Fashion Week


12 trendy colors of “Spring and Summer 2018 Colour Trend Reports” for London Fashion Week


Last winter, PANTONE has released the “Spring and Summer 2018 Colour Trend Reports” for New York Fashion Week and London Fashion Week respectively followed the fashion week’s progress. Each report contains 12 trendy colors that are worth noticing in the spring and summer and 4 classic colors.
The color of spring and summer this year will show a brighter and richer trend than before. Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of PANTONE’s color research organization, believes that this is a response to consumer demand from designers. People are increasingly demanding more colors and they are more willing to try different colors. This is why PANTONE’s report increased the number of popular colors from 10 to 12.

After experiencing the popularity of macarons, more full and bright colors will become the protagonists of spring and summer next year. Among them, yellow and purple are the most indispensable. There are a variety of colors selected for the spring and summer next year. And we have also seen them used on a large scale in the T stage.
At a glance, everyone should have noticed that there are a lot of repeated colors in the two reports. We have statistics that seven of them are all the same color. Next, we will specifically introduce the seven highlights of the two reports that overlap.

Ultra Violet

This mysterious and intense purple color is not a popular spring and summer color. PANTONE describes this color with words like “magic”, “complex” and “beautiful”. Browse the released brand of the 2018 spring and summer collection and found that one design is the most popular with ultraviolet light or with a small floral design. The former carries an unquestionably strong gas field, while the latter is printed with a soft temperament.

trendy colors


Pink Lavender

Compared to the front Ultra Violet, Pink Lavender is not so irritating. After the purple proportion has increased, the sweetness of the pink is neutralized. So that it is OK to wear it to the office or the party. You can enjoy spring and summer atmosphere by romantic pink lavender with light and elegant fabrics.


Almost Mauve

This is a soft and elegant color that a hint of light purple that is barely noticeable through the milky white. It is also the lightest color in all popular colors in spring and summer this year. PANTONE says that Almost Mauve is a color that with the delicate texture of the petals. Gentle temperament girls can pay special attention to almost mauve when choosing a small dress.


Lime Punch

After talking about the purple line, yellow is another keyword for spring and summer this year. With a hint of green, the Lime Punch is bright and undaunted. Close to the fluorescent color, in the past, it more appeared in the sports or street style single product. But this spring and summer you will see more single items with this bright color. Whether a coat or a dress, it can help you become the most bright person in the crowd.



Meadowlark is softer than the Lime Punch. But it is still an eye-catching bright color that conveys positive, confident, happy, and cheerful signals. PANTONE call it “glistening with joyful light and illuminating the surrounding world.” Everyone can begin to wonder how to wear a Meadowlark to play the sun to show the bright to others.


Cherry Tomato

Cherry Tomato is not a true red, but it is closer to orange, warm but not vulgar. PANTONE said that this strong and bold color “can not be ignored.” At the party, choosing a unique Cherry Tomato dress will undoubtedly take away everyone’s attention.


Blooming Dahlia

The proportion of oranges in Blooming Dahlia is higher than that of ordinary lotus color. This is similar to the fact that Cherry Tomato compares with red. This color is softer and warmer. Unlike the former color which can firmly lock everyone’s eyes, it is confident but more low-key.


The 4 classic color in spring and summer 2018

Coconut Milk,  Harbor Mis,  Warm Sand,  and Sailor Blue. This is the first time for PANTONE to adds an additional classic color trend forecast in the Fashion Week Color Trend Report. Because even if more and more people are willing to try daringly rich colors, the wild classic color will be the first choice for more people on more occasions. 2018 spring and summer, PANTONE selected one color from white, gray, earth, and dark blue. With the exception of Sailor Blue, the remaining three colors are exceptionally gentle and more consistent with the tonality of spring and summer colors.

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