It can completely change your styling with a pair of Stylish Socks

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It can completely change your styling with a pair of Stylish Socks

Stylish Socks

I do not know when to start, stylish socks became a must-have artifact. It’s not expensive, but it has many categories, and it’s easy to collocate. If you pick the right socks, then with a pair of true shoes, it will be enough to make the whole model fashionable. With it, perhaps you don’t need to buy new shoes this season.

Since the airport street shooting project has been launched, any single item must be able to see at the airport as long as it is hot. Nowadays, the most frequently seen every day becomes a variety of stylish socks. The white, colored, striped, hit-and-color… Just take a look at the female stars’ airport street shot, which is enough to appreciate the rich style of socks.

So, what kind of socks are really fashionable and trendy right now? And how should they be paired with shoes correctly?

1.Striped cotton socks

Striped cotton socks should be considered as the match NO.1 in the socks industry. And the stripe itself is very all-matching, so it is also the highest exposure of a pair of socks single product.

The most suitable to collocated with: solid color sports shoes and high heels

Striped socks are the most sporty socks. Since it comes to a sense of sport, its partners must have sports shoes. This classic combination can be matched with skirts and trousers. ‘Cropped pants with cotton socks’ is the best example. Not only it is both layerings, but also expose the finest part of the leg to create a sense of slenderness.

Stylish Socks

And this sporty sense of high-heeled shoes will have a seemingly dissonant aesthetic. As is the case with the SPORTY CHIC. Including the sandals that you can wear immediately, choose striped socks and you will be able to dedicate a young girl style with a sense of campus.


2.Cartoon socks

Because of the more colorful and rich colors, the cartoon print is more difficult than the stripes. However, it is not impossible to wear it.

The most suitable to collocated with:  canvas shoes and thick heel shoes

The cartoon print is enough to catch the eye. So the matching shoes must be simple and simple. Is there a simpler shoe type than the canvas shoes? Only the plain color of the shoes can stress the characteristics of socks.


And the more difficult test than to with the canvas shoes is the thick heel shoes. As long as you do not choose the colors that are too conflicting.


3.LOGO socks

The collocation skills of the socks printed with LOGO are the same as those cartoon printing. The words on the socks and the LOGO symbol should be the biggest highlights.

The most suitable to collocated with white shoes (retro style)

This inspiration comes from the video of Gucci’s shoes. The LOGO-printed socks are very personal and recognizable. Only a pair of thick-soled vintage white shoes is enough to set off the socks. White shoes are really the best partner with LOGO socks, even the only one.


4.Pure color socks

Pure color socks are the first ancestors to be mixed and used after the restocking of socks.  And it is difficult to control with a large area of saturated colors.

The most suitable to collocated with pumps

The more saturated the bright color is, the more suitable it is for drying out. So the shallow heel with a relatively large exposed area is a good partner for this kind of socks. Buckle sandals and transparent shoes can also expose your colored socks on a large area. So it is also a good choice for personality. If you have color socks + high heels in the same color, then you can simply DIY into a pair of colored boots. It really saves a shoe fee for you.

With a pair of socks, you can completely change the appearance of shoes and styling. Is it worth the money?

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