Streamer Element-the fashion element something you don’t know

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Streamer Element-the fashion element something you don’t know

Streamer Element

In recent years, the elements of the streamers that are highly favored by designers have first appeared in clothing with practical designs. The wisdom of the ancient Greeks did not have any sewing techniques. S the fabrics formed a garment by winding and tying. In this way, the use of a fixed tape becomes a frequently occurring element. They came together in the last year’s major brand show. The hot Off-White yellow streamers captured many people’s hearts. And since then, this “gone up” fashion wind more and more fierce. If you want to win a big show or a sculpted shape, you can’t miss the streamer. And there is a question: where should be the most comfortable and hearty streamer used in clothes?

1. In Shoulder:

The characteristic of the bare shoulder is to reduce the proportion of the upper body and make the body looks lighter. When adding a streamer to the creamy shoulder, it not only dazzles the shoulders but also enhances the stylish taste.

streamer element

2. In Cuff:

Whether they are big sleeves or regular sleeves, they all played a streamer in the season. Every time you swing your arm, the streamers on your sleeves will move with the wind. Even if you walk in the street in a hurry, it will not seem to undermine the posture of soothing grace.

Although this is the same design of the streamers, different cuffs have different feelings. If you want a little woman, you can choose a little lotus leaf sleeve and streamer. If you want to be handsome and able to be gentle, you can try big horn sleeves and streamers.


3. In Neckline:

The streamer design at the neckline of the dress not only looks smart and natural but also becomes a worthy single item. The hue ribbon design will look neat and clean, and the contrast ribbon design will have a great sense of design.


4. In Back:

The back streamer design can make the serious black and white more fun. It inadvertently extends out from the back, and cute and playful like a small tail. It makes your back look mysterious and full of energy through each swaying swing when walking. If you want to become a sexy beauty this summer, why not add a streamer element on the basis of a backless and to be a mysterious and elegant ‘back killer’? Of course, it can be paired with light-colored jeans and turned into a female elite in the workplace.

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