Add some custom embroidery patches to your clothes to express your personality

There is known to all that the embroidery patch is widely used in the garment for decoration. It is interesting, right? Actually, you can show your personality with different custom embroidery patches. Try to iron or sew some embroidery patches on your clothes, bags, or hats to decorate them.

We like the personality and humor that these patches bring. Therefore, if you want to know how to use some humorous quotations and words to make your personality shine through the patch, please use the following methods:



Customized patches allow you to add some style to everything you own. From printed and embroidered patches to woven patches, you can customize your clothes and turn them into unique clothes that suit you.

You can also modify the appearance of the clothes. If you like to be a fun one in a group, add patches to your jacket, jeans, or vest. These patches can highlight short quotes, witty maxims, and family-friendly jokes.

Don't worry, creative patches on clothes (especially those with bright colors) will be the center of your attention.


Mobile phone cases/accessories
While showing off your true identity, please make sure your phone is safe. You can use embroidered patches with unique textures to patch the phone case. These patches not only make your phone look beautiful but also protect your phone and make people laugh. If you add a cheesy slogan, such as 'Our phone fall, we panic. Our friends fall, we laugh.'


Knee Patches for Kids

Using patches instead of normal child-like plastic toys may not excite children, but it's not the best idea, but hey, you can't tell until you try, right?

For example, it may be difficult for children to wear jeans when crawling, climbing, and stepping. Even the strongest jeans wear out over time. Instead of discarding those ripped pants, use a knee patch to turn a simple pair of pants into something interesting and unique.


Novelty Shirts
Expressing your fandom views via patches can drive your message in a fun way. It can also let you revamp your attire with great short quotes and promote freedom of expression through embroidery.


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