You're never too old to rock some rhinestone sneakers

The bling things are easy to shoot at a girl's heart, right? But sometimes it is not easy

to find the bling things you like. At this time, your dexterous hands are the biggest

boost-you can make the bling accessories by yourself with the bling materials you like.

So today, let's try to DIY a pair of bling rhinestone shoes together. Let's begin.


You will need:

A pair of sneaker

Small rhinestones

E6000 Glue(When using E6000 glue to bond plastic products, it is very strong.

Moreover, it will not damage the surface of the object, so it is a very good decoration



First, Flip all the crystals so they are all face up. Take a rhinestone and add some glue

as needed then put it on the area you want to decorate your shoe. The other way is

smearing the glue in a small area, then apply the rhinestones on the wet glue and jam

them as close together as possible.


Next, Work in small areas. If the canvas bends too much while gluing the stones might

fall off or glue on in a less than flush way. Fill the larger rhinestones on the shoe starts.

Smaller rhinestones may need to be used to fill in any small gaps.


Continue to fill the rhinestones till finishing the pattern you need. Every color or pattern

is OK if you like. Then you will get a pair of special sneakers.


So if you covet the little girl's bling shoes you've seen, grab some shoes and glue some rhinestones on them! Because as far as I'm concerned, you're never too old to rock

some rhinestone sneakers!


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