DIY crystal acrylic stone rhinestone ear cuff

Believe it or not, most girls like the beautiful bling things. Today, a quick and easy

DIY to share with you a pair of crystal acrylic stone shiny earrings! This only takes

less than 10 minutes and the result is both elegant and chic.


The things you will need:

A piece of clear vinyl material (pick the sturdiest grade)
E-6000 Glue
Acrylic Stones/Rhinestones
Earring backing


1. Put the clear vinyl on your ear to measure the curvature of them and note it

with a marker. If you encounter difficulties, have someone give you a hand.

2. Cut out the traced shape on the clear vinyl. I decided to create a cuff that went

only about an inch up my ear.
3. Squeeze some E-6000 glue to a surface working area and begin to apply the

rhinestones to fill up the shape.

4. Continue to fill out the shape of the earring. Please set aside for at least 2

hours to dry after finishing it.
5. Once dried, glue an earring backing to the back of the ear cuff.


NOTE: If your ear cuff doesn't stay up on your ear, you can glue a piece of wire

bent to match the shape of the curvature to the back of the ear cuff.


I hope you will try to custom a pair of unparalleled earrings by your imagination

with the DIY steps. Of Course, you could change the colors and materials if you

like. I guarantee the results will be nice.


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