Do you know how to choose a right Hair Band?

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Do you know how to choose a right Hair Band?

Hair Band

Headbands are one of the most universal and cool accessories you can ever imagine when creating some interesting combinations with your hair. They will help you style any simple hairdo without extra efforts. They will also help you accentuate your unique style and your personality as such. And will secure the different and equally impressive hairdos for every day. Of course, all this will be possible if you master all the know-how and the nuances connected with how to wear a headband. And that’s what we are going to speak about right now.

This is the primary and one of the most important steps for you to style your hair correctly and beautifully. Picking the exact form, shape, size, and style of a headband is what will decide the outcomes of your look later. The next facet of headbands’ universality is expressed through their compatibility with any face shape, any garments, and hairstyles.

Hair Band


1. With face shape

Oval face: the oval face is a very beautiful face shape. So you can choose a thin hairpin and hairband to put your long hair in an updo. So that It appears that the line from your chin to the neck is very beautiful.

Long face: The girls whose face is a little long can choose the hairband with the pattern on the edge. And wear the hairband near to your forehead, which can play a shortened face effect.

Round face: Round face girls can choose the flower pattern hairband. But do not choose a thick one. Making the whole shape looks more fluffy when wearing. And then wear a hair band a little behind. So that can produce the effect of stretching the face virtually.

Flat/pointed type: girls of this type of face is suitable for the selection of a hairband without a pattern or pattern directly above the head. The square face is suitable for selecting a geometric pattern. And the best choice is a finer style when selecting a hair band.

2. With colors

Usually, the choice of hair band and clothing is also best to be able to concinnous. For example, if your clothing is colorful, then the hair band do not need to choose another color. And if your clothing color is relatively simple, then you can choose some bright color or have jumping color hair band. Of course, if you want to show enthusiastic, you can also use contrasting colors, such as a navy skirt with a bright red hair band. If you want to show some quiet and elegant, then the hair band should choose the same color with the clothing, such as the goose-brown clothing with a brown hair band.

3. With hairstyles

Short hair girls can choose the hair band with a small crystal or bright diamond. While the long hair girls can choose the streamline decorative hair band,  which can highlight their temperament.
Girls with less hair can choose thin and narrow hair bands. It can make you delicate and sweet. The girls with more hair should be as much as possible to wear the hair band behind the bangs. So you can visually reduce the heaviness from the thick hear.

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