How to sew the Embroidery Patches Designs on the bag?

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How to sew the Embroidery Patches Designs on the bag?

Embroidery Patches Designs

Did you know you can easily sew a patch on your bag just to spruce it up or make it look as good as new? Oh sure, you can. It may be that you have this wonderful backpack that has a nasty rip. You needn’t let it go; you can cover the rip with a patch. Similarly, you might have a plain bag that could use a little personal touch. Well, creating a backpack with patches is a nice way of transforming your bag into a masterpiece.

What You Need

It’s important to ascertain you have the right tools before you begin to sew on the embroidery patches designs. Get a spool of thread any color you wish. Best is to go with thread that matches the color of your patch, but don’t fret about going for your tastes.

Next, you obviously need a needle, which can be small or large, depending on how sturdy your patch and backpack is. You may also need safety pins to hold the patch in place. All that’s left is the patch and you’re ready to begin.

Prepare Some Room for the Patch

The first step is to identify the areas where you would like to place the patch. Best is to place the backpack patch on damaged areas or where they’re most visible. For instance, if you have a unique hey fuck face patch or some vintage backpack patches, you want to place them where they stand out. You don’t want to clutter patches all in one area as that would be ugly. Instead, you can have them in different spaces on your backpack for a great look.


Make It Easy to Sew

 Use the safety pins to hold the patch in place, especially if it is too small. You don’t have to do this, however, if you are confident you can sew the patch into place without errors. Alternatively, go for a patch you can easily handle such as the Boy Scout patch. It’s ideal for boys, small in size and you can hold it in place with/without a safety pin.

Threading the Needle

With your needle and thread in hand, you just need to begin sewing. Threading can take many forms depending on the type of backpack you have. For example the cabbage patch backpack ships with a soft cloth, meaning you just need to thread the needle once and tie a knot at the end. Onto tougher bags such as the sprayground Spike Lee backpack, you can thread the needle twice, or four times without worrying about tearing the cloth.

Importance of the Knot

It is extremely important to tie a knot at the end of the thread once when you begin sewing and at the end again. This ensures your patch stays on longer even if you or your kids are rough.

Types of Patches

The world is your inspiration when it comes to patch selection. You can keep things fresh by adding a funny or inspirational quote patch, or even a cartoon foghorn leghorn patch. For the kids with a thing for mythical beings, you can spice your backpack further with a witcher wolf patch.


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