Ballet Shoes-Not only comfortable but also stylish

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Ballet Shoes-Not only comfortable but also stylish

Ballet Shoes

The ballet flats always give people an elegant and retro impression. They are the indispensable item for beautiful girls to express their attitude from the French in the Middle Ages to the present day because of the sweet appearance coupled with light and comfortable wearing feeling.Nowadays, ballet flats are the frequent visitors to the street snap. “Retro elegance” is no longer its inherent style. Some brands have also given it a new life. But do you know how to choose the ballet flats that change quickly?

1. Start with the basic style

Ballet shoes like this round toe add bow below are the most common and classic styles. They don’t have too many decorative details. So they are very light and easy to wear. They can be worn with various styles of dress. The soft and lightweight shape of the ballerina is easy is easy to be overwhelmed. It seems to feel listless. So the choice of trousers is especially important. Lined straight pants are a good partner for ballet shoes, and you can easily wear a light and profitable feel.

Ballet Shoes


2.The pointed shoes are stylish

Compared with the classic round toe shoes, the pointed ballet flats are less cute. But they are a bit more stylish and modern, which making it easy and effortless to wear. The V-shaped lines of the pointed toe have the effect of stretching the legs. The general round toe and square toe ballet shoes will play a role in the cut-off blocking visually. So there will be some restrictions on the choice of the lower part of the body. But the pointed ballet shoes are basically not picked.


3.Add a buckle to strengthen the sense of style

Simple buckle design not only makes the temperament more retro but also played a certain degree of modification. So that the ankle looks more slender. Although the shoe type is retro, it can be perfectly digested with the fashionable style of casual style.


4. Ballet flats with straps

The design of the straps wrapped around the ankle continues the characteristics of traditional ballet shoes. It is romantic and elegant like a girl’s dream. But it is not easy to control. Wearing a wrong method will make your legs shorter and thicker. Do not place the straps too high when wearing trousers. And leave some space between the trousers. Since it is already a strap, please don’t choose trousers that with too cumbersome designs. The straps are placed close to the ankles. Simplify the strapping method as much as possible. Because exposing the leg skin over a large area can reduce the heavy feeling well. And it can still exhibit a light effect.


5.The comfortable chunky heels ballet shoes

Ballet shoes with a little heel can be seen as an upgraded version of the flat bottom models. Many brands have launched the chunky heel ballet shoes that balance comfort and beauty, allowing you to be elegant and have a good proportion. Compared with the strappy style, the classic low-heeled ballet shoes are more suitable for the daily work of office workers. And the sweet and low-key appearance is also better to match.

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