The Canadian government officially advises the public to wear non-medical masks when necessary


Today, the Canadian Federal Chief Health Officer Theresa Tam announced at the epidemic briefing that she officially

recommended that people wear non-medical masks when they cannot maintain a safe social distance! This is the first

official proposal issued by the Canadian federal government to require people to wear masks.

You must know that Canada has already gone a long way from the initial non-recommendation and exclusion to the

current recommendation and acceptance on the question of whether to wear a mask. Since the outbreak of the

epidemic, the federal government has been attituded the whole country that it is not recommended that all people

wear masks because wearing masks has little effect on reducing the spread of the virus.

Chief health officer Theresa Tam still emphasized on March 30, 'Obviously, there is no benefit in wearing a mask for a

person who has no symptoms.' There is no need for a person who is not sick to wear a mask.

Until April, she finally changed her position, saying that asymptomatic people can wear non-medical masks in public,

which is an extra measure to avoid the spread of droplets, but the federal did not make this official recommendation at

the time.

Today, the number of coronaviruses (COVID-19)  in Canada has exceeded 80,000, and the Federal Ministry of Health has

finally included wearing masks as an official recommendation.Theresa Tam spoke, please do not touch your face or let

others touch your mask when wearing it. Try to choose washable materials for homemade masks. Specific guidelines will

be announced on the government website later today.

She emphasized that while wearing a mask (whether medical or non-medical), you also need to maintain a safe social

distance of 2 meters with other people and wash your hands frequently. These measures must last all spring and even

summer. And if you are sick, please stay at home and isolate yourself.

She explained that the proposed modification was because it was found that asymptomatic people can also spread the virus.

She said that in future respiratory disease outbreaks, wearing masks may become a normal part of public health response.

But she did not suggest she regrets recommending against using face masks earlier. She said the tried-and-true public health

measures of testing, contact tracing, handwashing, and physical distancing have worked to slow the spread of COVID-19 in


In fact, before the federal government made this announcement, Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau had already set an example

at the beginning of the month. This was his appearance at a public event on May 7.

Today, when asked about wearing masks, he replied that he preferred to keep a distance of 2 meters from others, but

he would choose to wear masks if he could not maintain a social distance.

He said, 'When I go to the parliament hall or go to my office and have to get close to others, I wear a mask. When I sit 

at my desk and stay two meters away from others, I take off the mask To give a speech. But once I leave my seat and 

walk past others, I wear a mask.'