Do you own a pair of cowboy boots that the hottest this winter?

2019-12-13 16:46:44

In autumn and winter, the best single item is the boots. The hottest boots this year are cowboy 

boots. As one of the symbols of outdoor workers, cowboy boots carry more "feelings" than other 

boots, such as retro feeling. It can be said that cowboy boots are an iconic product of American 

retro casual style. Sloping heels and V-shaped boots with hard and loose shoe tube are the 

common details of cowboy boots. Aside from the style, how to match can show the retro casual 

feeling of cowboy boots? Let.apos;s continue.

1. Cowboy Boots + Dresses

The dress can be said to be the best CP for cowboy boots. This is also one of the favorite 

combinations of hipsters. When the weather is cold, you can show a stylish look with a jacket. It 

should be noted that if the dress is a pattern with complicated patterns, the cowboy boots should 

try to choose a solid color style. Otherwise, you can choose bright cowboy boots.

2. Cowboy Boots + Skirts

If you want to say which item can show the legs line, the skirt is indispensable. Similarly, cowboy 

boots with skirts are also a wonderful match for modeling your leg shape. Long-legged cowboy 

boots with knee-length skirts quietly showed the legs line. With a printed skirt, neutralized the 

toughness of the denim. With a checkered skirt, the irregular design reveals beautiful legs looming.

 V-mouth cowboy boots with tassel skirts overall stretched leg proportions.

3. Cowboy Boots + Pants

Pair cowboy boots with a variety of pants, look handsome and capable. If the trousers choose a 

tight-fitting style, be sure to try a cowboy boot with a long tube, wrap the legs in and use the wide 

tube to create a visual difference to make your legs look slim. For loose styles, try to choose short 

boots, or you can choose a longer style of pants to cover the boot tube.

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