What to wear this winter? How about the polar fleece jacket?

2019-12-06 16:53:51

Do you remember the cashmere coat that was hot last winter? But this year, fleece, a cheap 

alternative to cashmere, has gradually appeared in everyone.apos;s field of vision. But polar fleece, as

 the hot material this year, how to wear it to not look like a lamb? No matter how fashionable it is, 

you still need to learn how to wear it ~

1. FLeece Coat

Compared to lambskin, the material of fleece will not be pilling due to static electricity or contact 

friction in winter. Coupled with its own lighter weight, it is sought after by many fashionable 

people. The fleece coat is a cold-proof artifact in winter. Although it is a cheap substitute for 

lambskin, a fleece coat cannot avoid its bloated nature. Therefore, first of all, in the choice of 

fleece coat color, avoid caramel. Otherwise, you will really become a wild bear moving on the 

winter street. Instead, choose a more advanced color as much as possible, such as Morandi color. 

In addition, the choice of fleece coat styles is also very particular! Compared with the general coat, 

the material of the fleece determines that the fleece coat is best to choose a straight fit, which will 

be easier for petite girls to control.

2. Fleece Jacket

If you find long fleece coat is difficult to control, short fleece jackets are the most error-free choice!

Short fleece jackets can bring more display and layering-whether it is the matching of the same 

color jacket skirts or the layering of ultra-short jackets and pleated skirts, the basic skills of wearing

 is not difficult. The wide top and bottom narrow universal dressing formula is applicable to 99% 

of girls! If you really can not think of what to match with the bottom, grab a pair of black leggings

 or skinny jeans to solve the problem.

3. Fleece Pullover

Just like the polar fleece pullover of the Chanel 19 autumn and winter series, many female stars 

have put it on. It can be seen that this winter fleece pullover is really hotHooded fleece pullover 

is the most basic pullover design, it is very versatile. However, zippered fleece pullovers are 

actually more popular, and they can be used in two ways-either alone or as an overcoat, which is 

very practical.

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