Whether if it worth to buy the hottest sweaters this year?

2019-11-15 15:55:44

The sweaters in the wardrobe of everyone should be the basic style and solid color. Mine too. This

sweater is versatile and not easy to be outdated.  It is a must-have style in sweaters. The season 

of wearing sweaters is quite long every year. In addition to summer, spring, autumn and winter can

 be worn. Therefore, in addition to the solid color in the closet, it also need to prepare some special

 styles. Let.apos;s take a look, in addition to the basic sweater, whether if there  are worth to buy the 

hottest four kinds of sweaters this year.

1. Sweater Vest

The sweater vest is a hot single item of this year. Although its practicability looks poor, it is quite 

suitable for this lukewarm season. After I bought it, I discovered that it is actually more practical 

than I thought. Compared with single wear, it is more suitable for stacking, can be stacked skirts 

and shirts. Sweater vest is also very suitable for children. This item is super suitable as a 

father-son outfit.

2. Geometric Pattern Sweater

Everyone should have one or two patterned sweaters in the closet, which is more lively than 

ordinary sweaters. Everyone should have one or two patterned sweaters in the closet, which is 

more lively than ordinary sweaters. Choosing geometric patterns such as stripes, plaids, rhombic 

patterns, Nordic patterns, etc. will be much more pleasing to the eye and less prone to out of date. 

Most of the patterned sweaters are more fancy, and the bottom is best to choose a simple neutral 

solid color. Otherwise it will be very complicated visually.

3. Knit Cardigan

Knitted cardigans have been so hot for two years. From summer to winter, and the heat is not 

reduced. There are so many ways to wear, and it can be a jacket, a inner clothe, a home clothe, 

even a scarf. I do not have to worry about no occasion to wear it.

4. Oversize Sweater

Oversize sweaters have been very hot, almost every fashion person has more than one piece.

 I have always loved it, love the lazy feeling it gives to  people. Compared to a slim sweater, 

it does not expose your belly fat. But a thin person will look better when wear it, and the girls 

with big breast may look strong when dressing it. Many people use oversize sweaters with 

tights and wide-leg pants. But I prefer oversize sweaters with skirts or dresses, and match 

with a pair of boots.

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