The Platycoron dress is one of the best harvests of your summer.

2019-08-16 16:34:29

There is a skirt that is exquisite and elegant, fresh and well-behaved, and the most important thing 

is that it really makes you look fit! Seeing this name, you will feel strange and familiar. What exactly 

is the "Platycodon dress"? In fact, the "Platycodon dress" appears in the automatic painting 

"Inuyasha". Therefore, the most striking feature of the Platycodon dress is the waist, and then it 

shows an A word spreads from the waist to the skirt. This kind of dress is actually very friendly to 

girls with a pear shape. The design of the waist itself can highlight your waist. And the skirt is the

 A-line so it can cover the flesh of the thigh. But what kind of Platycodon dress is worth buying 

this summer?

1. Floral Platycodon Dress

Since the tea dress has become popular, the element of the floral has also been hot. The 

Platycodon Dress of the A-line version and the design of the waist gives the impression of a quiet 

girl. Combined with the small florals, this feeling of cleverness will be stronger. With the floral, your 

Platycodon dress is fresh enough. Even in the summer, it looks lighter and will not have a heavy 

burden. With some chic pearlescent fabrics, the floral element can also be beautiful and have a 

high-level texture!

2. Light color Platycodon Dress

Looking dark color in summer is always hotter and hotter, but the light color is different. This kind 

of light color is friendly to both eyes, does not cause a visual burden. When it applied to the pure 

Platycodon Dress, and the fresh effect naturally doubles! Summer has always been the best season 

for light colors. This is not really related to your own skin color. Even if the skin color is dark and

 yellow, wearing a light-colored Platycodon dress can still be fresh and eye-catching.

3. Off the Shoulder Platycodon Dress

Wearing a skirt in the summer is to feel cool. so there is no need to hide your body when choosing

 a dress. Even if it looks like a dress for obedient girl, we can try to add a little off the shoulder 

element to make the obedient girl no longer stiff and serious.

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