DIY Burberry-inspired jeweled crystal stone florets trench coat

2019-08-07 17:45:10

We pretty much want to put jewels on everything these days, including the ever classic trenchcoat. 

Trench coat got a dazzling makeover with jeweled florets! Sparkly crystals + our favorite type of 

outerwear?! This calls for a DIY, of course. This may not be the easiest of tutorials but it’s so worth 

the time and effort if you are so inspired.

You will need:
a trench coat
Swarovski crystals
sew-on settings

Honestly, the most challenging part of this DIY is picking out the right crystals. I used Swarovski 

crystals here because if I am going to spend the time and effort into a rather difficult DIY, I want 

to use high-quality materials. For this project, I roughly sketched out a pattern on a piece of paper

with colored pencils. Not only did this help determine the colors to pick, but the shapes as well. 

The next step is to determine the sizes. This will be based on availability from whomever you are 

purchasing crystals from. It is good to have a small ruler on hand for this. Once you have all the 

crystals picked out in colors, sizes, and shapes that are close enough to your design, it is time to 

pick out coordinating sew-on settings. Now that the hardest part is done, you just have to sit and 

wait for the goods to arrive to get started!

Set the stones into the metal settings. Use a pair of pliers to close the prongs onto the crystals. 

Layout the pattern to make sure it is to your liking.

Use masking or painter’s tape to mark where the crystals will be attached. Make sure the areas 

will not be covered or placed in awkward areas – try the coat on to assess the placements. I put 5 

emblems in the front and one in the back. 

Squeeze a dollop of E6000 onto a piece of cardboard. Use a toothpick to apply a tiny bit of glue 

around the metal setting. Be sure not to get the glue on the back of the crystal since you will 

eventually need to sew through the setting. The glue simply ensures that the crystals stay in place 

before you begin to sew.

Use pliers and toothpicks to help adjust smaller pieces. Allow the glue to dry completely.

Thread a needle with like-colored thread. Tie a double knot at the end and pull the needle up from 

the inside of the coat.

Thread it from one hole in the setting to the opposing hole. Work in a criss-cross pattern, 

sewing each crystal in place. This is definitely the most tedious part but just remind yourself 

it is the final step!

Add a few leftover crystals to the inside of the collar . . .

Do not forget to add that bit of sparkle to the back!

Your Burberry-inspired jeweled trenchcoat is done. To clean, simply dry clean.

The most simple way is to iron the acrylic stone patch on the trenchcoat. There are some acrylic 

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