Sexy and fashionable milkmaid top adding a feminine touch to this summer

2019-07-19 16:53:18

Summer is a season that many girls like because they can wear their beautiful clothes and show 

their figure. Today, I will introduce a very feminine match to you, so that it will add a feminine 

touch to your summer. So what is the very feminine wear? It is the milkmaid top.

Many people may feel strange when they hear this name, but everyone must have seen it on the

 street. This wide, low-cut U-neck, square collar or chicken neckline, with the court-style pleated 

cuffs is a typical milkmaid top. This design is not only retro but also highlight the figure. It seem

s that it is more suitable for women in the B-D Cup.

1. Solid color Milkmaid Top

White is the most classic in the all milkmaid top. It is full of youthful atmosphere. The girl with big 

breasts is not too sexy when wearing it. Instead, because of the design of the puff sleeves, they 

are also sweeter and more lovely. In addition to white, black is also a product with a strong 

selection and a strong sense of style. The matching of these solid color tops is very high. In 

addition to the fashionable single item of jeans, the effect of matching overalls is even more brilliant.

2. Printed Milkmaid Top

When you look at the collar, you know that the milkmaid top is actually a kind of French style. 

When the top of this type meets the classic French elements, such as polka dots, florals, and plaids, 

the fashionable effect must be 1+1>2. In terms of matching, because the top has already printed 

elements and the design features are outstanding on the clothing, it is recommended that the 

lower body should be clean and simple, or use the same printed elements.

3. Milkmaid Dress

If you do not know how to match the milkmaid top, the easiest way is to pick the appropriate 

dress style. Whether it is pure color or print, after changing into a dress, it not only solves the

 troubles of matching but also is more feminine.

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