Did you get the hottest avocado color this summer?

2019-06-28 16:56:17

Recently, Weibo Hot Search has been covered by a kind of fruit, it is avocado. It quietly appears

 in the fashion circle, harvesting a flood of praise, has been recommended by various stars and 

fashion icons, the popularity of the spread of the world. The avocado color is very very popular

 this summer.

So what exactly is avocado color? The avocado color with a midsummer atmosphere is very

 special. It has a gentle yellow tone in the green, is not as dazzling as fluorescent color, but is more

 intense than ordinary green. It looks like a "creamy jam" but it does not look greasy.

In fact, the prevalence of avocado color has not only emerged recently. As early as the late 1960s,

 the avocado green color was already popular in fashion circles. Tracing back to the 1990s, 

Givenchy had designed avocado-colored suits, Hepburn perfectly interpreted the strong French 

romantic style, and the white top hat with avocado-colored suits made people feel fresh. Nowadays,

 many designers have put it on the international stage!

So how do you match avocado color?

1.  With Green Color in the Same Color System

Both the top and bottom are chosen to match the same color system. For example, the top is dark

 green and the skirt is also dark green. This collocation makes you look young and age-reducing. 

The same color is not easy to make mistakes, and it will not be very awkward. If you find it difficult,

 you can choose a green dress directly. The dresses generally follow the same color dressing rules.

2. With White Color

White is a very versatile color. If you do not know how to match it, choose to match it with white.

 Green is no exception. The combination of white and green looks elegant. If the top is green, then

 the matching skirt is best to choose white. If the skirt is green, then the top is white.

3. With Black Color

Black,  like white, is a versatile color. and is not inconsistent when matching with any other color. 

However, since black will be slightly monotonous, everyone must choose the right green color when

 it is matched. Black with green color is a kind of handsome military style. Usually, girls who wear 

cool style clothes must try this kind of match.

4.  With Denim Blue Color

Denim blue is also a hot color in recent years. When you walk into the crowd in summer, you will 

find that 80% of people are wearing jeans and denim skirts. The cowboy can be said to be a 

fashion item that is essential in the summer. And the green color match with the cowboy is also a

 bit of fun, making you look sunshine and girlish.

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