Make a pretty pearl ribbon choker to match your dress

2019-06-26 16:57:46

There is known to all that choker is very popular for fashion girls to match with beautiful dresses in

 summer. Then I will DIY a pearl ribbon choker that is feminine and pretty and I just love it. It can 

go fancy or casual and worn a few different ways around your neck or waist or even in your hair 

or as whatever else you can think of!

This DIY is very simple. So let’s get started.

Here is What we will Need…

 Small pearls
 Fine satin ribbon

 Large needle (that will fit through the pearls)

Decide how much ribbon you need by determining what and how you want to wear this piece.
If you want it to wrap around just twice, also decide how much ribbon you want to extend down 

and if you are going to tie it in a knot or a bow, etc.
If you want to wear it as a belt, make sure it is long enough to wrap around your waist and tie in a 

bow or knot as well.
Cut ribbon to length and run one end through your needle.

Determine where the near-center of your ribbon is and make a single or double knot.

String on enough pearls to cover about three inches of space (or as much or as little you prefer) 

and knot the other end as well.

NOTE: If you would rather your pearls look “loose” then do not knot the ribbon and allow them to

 “float” along with space. They should stay put (generally) based on the width of the ribbon.

String a few (3-5) pearls near the ends of each ribbon and knot the bottom, leaving a little at the

 ends to swing.

Singe the ends of your ribbon with a lighter to prevent fraying.

And that is it!

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