Satin element is the hottest this year in fashion circle

2019-05-24 17:31:45

The velvet item dominated the fashion circle last year. But this year, the satin item is the hottest. 

It used to say that satin is always too rich and old-fashioned, but now the satin piece can be both 

elegant and sexy, and fashionable people are rushing to wear it~

These are what worth to buy:

1. Satin Shoes

For those who are hesitant to buy a large area of satin item, try to start with satin shoes. This 

year, spring and summer satin shoes are especially rich in style: basic high heels, mules, and 

ballet shoes. They are all combined with satin element perfectly. The silk satin texture makes the 

overall shape more delicate and gorgeous and enhances the temperament.

2. Satin Shirts

For an advanced attempt, you can choose a larger area satin shirt top. The silky touch of the satin, 

the delicate luster, and the unique drape make the shirt top exceptionally high. Paired with jeans 

or wide-leg pants is the most recommended way to wear, which is retro-modern, and shows 

French elegance.

3. Satin Slip Dress

The concept of satin slip dress still stays in sexy pajamas? Update your fashion IQ soon! It is no 

longer a novelty to wear pajamas out of the street, and it can show the lazy and sexy of women. 

If you are bold enough, it will be beautiful to wear it only. If you are worried that it is too sexy, add

 an overcoat. You will find that it has great potential in matching. The satin slip dress is probably 

the best item for stacking. And you can wear it to match jeans in different textures to show a street


4. Satin Suits

Please add the satin suits into the this season.apos;s must-have items list for the professional women.

 But remember to choose a spiffy cutting and without extra decoration styles to show high-level

 feeling. Whether it is trousers or skirts can express intellectual and elegant. Note that the satin 

suits must be paired with high heels this year!

There are always a few satin items in the closet that can help you hold the scene. Hurry to buy 

them if you do not have.

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