Why not buy a pair of thin strap sandals in summer?

2019-05-17 16:46:52

In the summer when the hot air is rolling, in addition to the slippers necessary for home leisure, 

are there more versatile and cool shoes available? Recently, many girls have quietly put on sandals.

 Compared with the ordinary thick belt, this thin strap sandals with a small high heel is both 

good-looking and slim, suitable for all kinds of summer matching and occasions, really eye-catching.

Why choose a thin strap? Because it makes your legs look thin and long. Why not buy a pair of 


1. Minimalist one thin strap sandals

From the middle of the instep, a thin band passes through without any extra design and decoration. 

This minimalist style is really too hot in the summer sandals market! At first glance, there is a sense

 of glamorous high-level. And the skill of modifying the lines of the legs is enough for the girls to 

wear it no matter where. Because the style is simple enough, you do not have to worry about which 

clothes to look good with. If you think that the solid color is too light, you can add a little 

decoration, but remember not to be too exaggerated, otherwise it will be cheap.

2. Cross winding thin strap sandals

If the feeling of one thin strap sandals is a sense of high-grade retro and soft, then the 

cross-design is completely romantic. The most obvious feature is that the thin strips are entangled 

in a relatively symmetrical shape on the front of the instep. The strap becomes longer and the 

number of winding increases. Of course, the law of winding can be more arbitrary, 

unconstrained, and even more complicated and changeable. And I found that the thinner the strap, 

the more sexy it is.

3. Spiral irregular thin strap sandals

Want to be simple and complex, both sexy and retro effects, in this style of conflict can also 

achieve a high acceptance of the design, it is probably this spiral of irregular straps. There is also a

 saying in the fashion circle called "slash design". The thin strap suddenly has a tilt angle of about

 45 degrees along the instep, and then the spiral is wrapped around the heel position. Naturally,

 the sexy and elegant are integrated. The fine sandals style has earned the favor of everyone. 

In terms of wearing effect, the slash design should not be too complicated, and the more lines, 

the less control it is.

Because the design of the thin strap sandals is very changeable, there is no collocation problem, so 

you only need to choose your favorite color and heel according to your personal style and figure


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