DIY rhinestone embellished shoe clips to decorate your shoes

2019-05-15 17:24:15

Do you know that the shoes with rhinestone embellished are very fashionable these years? Actually,

 you can DIY a pair of rhinestone embellished shoe clips to decorate your shoes. It is completely 

removable so that you can use them with any shoes… flats or heels and place them wherever 

you like! 

The materials you need:

This DIY is easiest with a pre-made crystal embellished trim. I cut up an old belt to create my 

sections and then added elastic and beaded the ends since I did not have enough trim. If you have 

the trim, this DIY will be very easy! If you would prefer a less sparkly look, you can use lace or 

ribbon or a pretty and simple trim instead. You may also choose to glue stones onto a felt-like 

surface and then carefully cut around your shapes, creating a strap to measure, then adhering it 

with glue or by stitching if you have holes in your clips like I do, to your clips and allowing it to dry.
* Crystal embellished trim, appliques, patches or ribbon, vintage 
   rhinestone bracelets, really anything could work!
* Blank Shoe clips
* Needle/Thread
* E6000 adhesive


Once you determine what material you are going to use, measure along the top of your foot and 

decide where you want your strap to go. I prefer it right under the ankle bone, but it is also cute 

lower down on the foot too. If you use an elastic or material that stretches, you can wear it in both

 places and be fine. If using lace or a pre-made trim, simply cut to the desired length (unless it is

 already the perfect length) and stitch onto your shoe clasps and voila! You are done!

1. Since my embellishments were not long enough, I cut 2 pieces of 1-1/2″ wide elastic about 4″ 

long and stitched them to the ends of each side.
2. Using matching sew-on crystals and beads, I beaded about 1/2″ of the elastic areas beginning 

at the ends of the appliques.
3. When I was about halfway done, I folded the elastic in half (in back) and stitched the edges 

down and to the end of the applique as well. This not only strengthens the strap and gives it more 

resistance but also looks a lot cleaner by hiding the stitching on the back.
4. I then hand stitched my clasp on (upside down/backward) so the spikes would clamp inside the 

shoe and not on the outside just in case— I wanted to prevent ruining the outer edge of my pumps.

 Make sure only the tip of it is visible from the front. You want your strap to look seamless with the 

shoe itself.
5. Once the clasp was in place, I finished the beading and crystals up to the edges.
NOTE: They do not look AMAZING on the underside because I have a mix of black and grey because 

it is all I had to work with. I COULD HAVE cut out a backing and glued or stitched it in place, but it 

was not necessary since I am the only one who will ever see it. IF you are giving them as a gift 

though, you may want to consider lining the back with a soft but thin fabric to make them look 

finished and professional and be comfortable as well.

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