Add a stylish color to your look by hair clips

2019-05-03 15:54:06

For most girls, in addition to clothes, shoes, and cosmetics, all kinds of hairpin and headbands are

 also essential. Choose a headgear that suits you, which can add a lot of color to the whole person.

 A variety of small colorful hair clips that were fashionable in our childhood, as well as various metal

 and pearl models, which became the love of fashionable women in this season. In fact, since the

 beginning of 2018, hairpin has become the most popular type of hair accessories. Then let us take 

a look at which of the most popular ones.

1. Pearl Hairpin

The hairpins decorated with pearls are the hottest ones in this year.apos;s hair accessories. In recent 

years, pearls have been favored by the fashion circle. Especially in terms of accessories, everyone’s 

enthusiasm for pearls has only increased. The hair clips of the pearl models are full of a strong 

sense of retro. And it is a necessity for elegant girls. Pearl hair clips are suitable for wearing on

 both sides of the ear, which is sweet and elegant. Drop-shaped pearl hair pins or a flat type are 

preferred. Irregularly sized pearls are more casual.

2. Metal Hairpin

The metal hair clips were worn by us when we were young. One kind of hair clips that can be 

worn on the hair is very cute. The most popular this year is pure gold and colorful styles. The other

 is the form of hairpins. When I was a child, I used black to fix the bangs. It is unbelievable that it 

is popular in the fashion circle now. This is also very suitable for wearing multiple, can be worn 

cross or parallel.

3. Acrylic Hair Clips

The acrylic style hair clip is also worn by a lot of people this year. The general acrylic color is 

relatively low saturation candy color. So, when matched, the acrylic style is more playful and cute.

 For the acrylic hairpin, in addition to the solid color, it is also a trend to add some sequin elements

 or delicate small patterns to various acrylic materials. This style depends on the choice of clothes 

and styling.

4. Rhinestone Hairpin

The bling rhinestone model is also the hottest style. The style of this hairpin is the most varied. The

 bigger one has its own eye-catching attributes, and the smaller one is very delicate. Whether 

wearing one or wearing a lot, it is full of sparkle. This bright rhinestone is especially suitable for 

parties or attending events, both stylish and elegant. Wearing a sparkling one is enough in daily life.

 Solid white diamonds or colored diamonds can be tried.

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