Iron rose patches on the oversize T-shirt by yourself

2019-04-24 18:02:33

I have been peeping lots of fun patch tees lately, some randomly placed – and others specifically 

placed over the chest area and actually, I think it is pretty cute.

I love the idea that iron on the patches over the chest area and just happen to produced a handful 

of black and silver near-vintage rose patches from our factory and now I finally have a use for two 

of them.

I have to say that this rose patch tee came out even cuter than I thought it would BUT I think it is

 important that the t-shirt is oversized and fits loosely, or else it becomes a little too provocative 

and loses its irony… in my opinion, of course. It may be too much for some tastes regardless, 

BUT it is cute and I love the idea of wearing it for Breast Cancer Awareness, whether it is pink or 

not, I think the point is obvious.

Here is What You Need…

Loose fitting t-shirt
Rose patches of your choice
Iron OR Needle & Thread if it is not iron-on
Try on your shirt and mark where you want your roses to go
NOTE: be sure to wear the bra you would most likely wear with the shirt, or if braless, mark 


Turn your iron on (follow iron-on instructions if they come with your patches)
Place your patches on your tee, cover with a protective layer of thin material (like a cotton sheet), 

press and hold your iron down over the patches for 40-60 seconds without moving your iron back

 and forth.
NOTE: Do not use any steam.

Turn your tee inside out and repeat the step above.

NOTE: I found that I could move my iron back and forth while inside out and it helped set the 

adhesive a little better.

Allow the applique or embroidered patch to cool down.

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