Stitch the floral embroidery patch on your jeans

2019-04-19 17:39:36

There was an embroidery moment in the fashion circle. Actually, the embroidery element is still 

fashion, but it is bigger now.

 I wish I would have hand-stitched some embroidery patches on jeans as well because the glue left it

 a bit stiff. Anyway, I think we will be seeing more and more of these pretty details from the East in 

the coming years in all things fashion, home and decor… because it is a cycle, you know.

Since I do not have an embroidery machine though, What the best thing I next do is to grab my 

embroidered fabric, carefully cut out the floral designs, then hand stitch them down onto my jeans. 

If you do not trust your sewing skills, you could create a similar look with iron-on patches and floral


Here is what you need:

A pair of jeans or jean shorts with no stretch
Fabric with pretty embroidery patches
Needle/Matching thread

Carefully cut out your embroidered sections, making sure to leave about 1/8″ around the edges.

Make sure you do not cut into the embroidery or it will unravel.

Try on your jeans and decide where you want your embroidery to go. If you can, carefully pin in 


It is easiest to stitch the largest areas of the embroidery down first…
Carefully, run your needle/thread around the edges with a hemstitch, making sure to run it through

 the edges of the embroidery, so the thread loops will keep it in place.
This is important if you’re working with a silk fabric like I am, which will eventually just fray away, 

so to make sure it stays put, you have to grab some of the embroideries in each stitch.
Make sure it’s laying flat as you work. You don’t want any puckers or pleats in your jeans OR in 

your embroidery.
* IF using patches, simply follow the directions on the packaging, and iron them on!
* IF using a vintage embroidery or any fragile fabric like I am, your jeans will probably need to be 

hand-washed and hung dry from now on.

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