Do you know how fashionable is the polka-dot element?

2019-04-12 17:09:31

If there is any pattern in the fashion circle that is enduring, it must be polka-dot. Polka dots is one

 of the fashion elements that will never out of fashion, others are stripes and plaids. We can see 

them every year. Due to the retro style of the polka-dot, many people are biased about it and feel 

that it is not fashionable enough. Actually, it is very fashionable.

The selection of the polka-dot items is really quite big, black and white, yellow and white, red and 

white, green and white... skirts, pants, shirts, accessories... the most worthy of buying as below.

1. Polka-dot Shirt

A polka-dot shirt that can be worn from spring to summer, from denim trousers to denim shorts or

 short skirts, and the polka-dot shirt is still not laid off. If you like French casual fashion, you can 

use a polka-dot shirt with elegant bottoms, and then wear an elegant hat or eye-catching earrings,

 show a literary, lazy and casual feeling.

2. Polka-dot Dress

The most classic piece of the polka-dot must be a dot dress. The polka-dot dress with a waist-up

 or long ruffled trim design is feminine, elegant and graceful. In this era of straight lines, the dot

 dress has evoked our yearning for the female curve. The close-fitting polka-dot dress is more sexy

The short polka-dot dress adds a bit of playfulness, it is more casual.

3. Polka-dot Skirt/Pants

In addition to the combination of the complex top and the simple bottom, wear dot pants or skirt

 with the simple top is more special. Using polka-dot wide-leg pants or loose skirts with a simple 

top are ideal for the girls in the pear-shaped body. Or use an elegant close-fitting polka-dot fishtail 

skirt with a loose top to cover the thick shoulders or thick arms.

4. Polka-dot Accessories

This year there are a lot of accessories for the polka-dot elements. A simple accessory with dots,

 and it immediately becomes very interesting. For example, a polka-dot scarf that wraps around the

 neck at will is fun, simple, and detailed, let you enjoy a sense of fun in spring. The dots of different

 sizes look very playful, and the age-reducing effect is also great.

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