The shirt in fancy color, pattern, and style is popular in spring

2019-03-29 16:49:01

What is the hottest single item now? shirt! No matter what style of shirt, it is indeed a must in the

 spring flower world. Although I already have a lot of shirts in my closet, I still can not help buying

 new ones in the spring. However, I think everyone should care more about what kind of shirts 

are popular this year.

The popular shirts this year are very fancy in color, pattern and style, and are more suitable for

 bright spring. I believe that you already have a lot of basic white shirts. This year, you may wish 

to buy a fancy style to make the spring wear more romantic and lively.

1. Fancy Color

Speaking of the color of the shirt, the highest daily utilization rate is, of course, the white shirt. But 

this spring I recommend everyone to buy a chromatic style. Blue, pink, green, purple... The color

 is a little more beautiful, and it has a spring atmosphere. I do not need to say more about the

 blue. It is the second classic color after the white shirt. It is quite common. My favorite is the 

gentle and romantic pink shirt, which is suitable for this season.

2. Fancy cutting

The basic white shirt has also changed. The cutting has become fancy and complicated. Here is a 

little ruffle, there is a little puff sleeve, so romantic. The design of the small lace at the neckline is

 quite hot. The design of the sleeves is not ordinary, and there are many eye-catching designs. 

There are quite a few brands that produce loose lantern sleeve style shirts. For a more fancy, look

 at the style of the shirt with a ruffled shoulder. There are also sleeves on both sides that are 

hollowed out and only clasped in the cuffs.

3. Fancy pattern

The print style this year for shirts is quite special, there are many choices, and it is easier to control

 than you think! The stylish texture prints are needless to say, is mainly animal textures, such as 

leopard shirts and zebra shirts. The bottoms are best with simple styles. The literary illustrations of 

vintage art are mostly inspired by animals and plants, suitable for literary girls. A large-area white

 background with a simple botanical print shirt is good-looking.

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