DIY a rhinestone circle necklace for decoration

2019-03-27 17:49:08

Oh, what can I say about this one?  I love it.  I don’t know if its the sparkle, or the robin’s egg blue, 

or the delicate white ribbon, but I just want to put it on. In fact, take the time to craft this product

 and you will be all glammed up and well-entertained!

100% wool felt
1/8″ ribbon (36″)
Rhinestone trim (attached rhinestones)
Craft glue

Cut TWO approximately 1″ diameter circles of 100% wool felt.  I used the inside of an 

electrical tape spool as my guide.

Cut enough rhinestone trim to outline your circle.  In my case, it was 10 connected stones.

Sew rhinestones to the felt by stitching in between each stone, bringing the needle up and

 down as close to the attachment point of the rhinestones as possible.  There will be two 

rhinestones that will not be attached, as that was where the trim was cut.

With craft glue, glue the two unattached rhinestones to the felt to be in line with the 

remainder of the circle.

Now, you have a circle with the rhinestones fully attached.

Cut your 36″ of 1/8″ ribbon in half.  Fold down approximately 1/4″ of the ribbon.

Attach the ribbon to the back of the necklace, bringing the needle up in the same area in 

which you attached the rhinestones. I bring the needle down across an attachment point in

 between rhinestones and through the felt and ribbon.

Finish off the thread and trim the excess ribbon from the folded tail.  Repeat adding the 

ribbon on the other side, such that the ribbons are at approximately 10 and 2 on a clock face.

Apply glue to your other 1″ circle. The two circles should be identical in size.

Apply the felt circle to the back of the pendant to stiffen the backing and to hide your 

stitch work.


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