DIY a twisted pearl necklace step by step

2019-03-13 16:55:27

 I love this wrist pearl necklace and it really is quite simple and easy to do. There are so 

many fun things you could do with this technique.  Imagine changing the ribbon color, 

the ribbon width, the pearl color, the pearl size, the kind of beads.  Endless creating with 

just this.

Embroidery thread (DMC 5) 
Approx 40 glass pearls (8mm)
2 yards 3/8″ ribbon
Button (optional for closure)
Elastic cord (optional for closure)

Cut two 36″ pieces of ribbon.  Cross them about 10 inches in and start your thread in the 

center of the ribbons. I tuck the tail under the loop at least twice.

Then start the beading on the side with your tail, so bring your thread back through. This

 side below will be facing out (people will see it).

Trim your ends and thread your first pearl.

Take one of the long tails of ribbon, thread the embroidery floss through it such that the

 ribbon rests nicely on top of the pearl, without a big gap. You are not going to use the 10″ 

tails of ribbon, so ignore those and keep them separate from the longer one tails.

Put on another pearl.

Now take the other long tail you have not used yet, and go through that with the thread 

and needle such that the ribbon rests nicely on top of the pearl.

Place another pearl and keep repeating, alternating the long tails of ribbon.  Remember, 

that a pearl goes on every time you bring a piece of ribbon up and over.

It will start to look like this.

When you get to the length of twisted pearls that you like, end it by bringing up a tail of 

ribbon without placing a pearl. You want to finish it such that the orientation of the finish 

is similar to the way you started so that the necklace lays nicely on the neck.

Finish your thread off once.

Then bring the thread back through a few of the pearls and finish the thread off as hidden

 as you can make it inside the strand.

Tie the ends of your 10″ ribbon tails together.

Tie and trim the other side so the ends match.

Sew a button on one of the ends.

Sew the elastic cord in a loop on the other end.


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