Blanket cloak-the applied accessory for your quick go out

2019-03-08 15:43:17

Now we are in the alternation of winter and spring. The weather also cold.  It will be tired to 

consider what coat to wear to match your dressing every day after you get up. If you want to go

 out quickly and be stylish, try the blanket cloak. This cloak, like a blanket, is not only easy to wear, 

but also comfortable. And it can be used as an accessory or as a jacket, making a lot of contributions 

to the quick go out in the morning.

1. Blanket cloak+ Jeans

The blanket cloak itself has a little exotic style. It looks like a casual cloak, actually very stylish. 

There is a feeling of not taking the pop as a matter. And jeans are also very versatile, and will not

 have a huge conflict with any style. Using a blanket cloak to MATCH the jeans, it can be said that

 it is a practical match that everyone can control. Like the big plaid elements that are very popular

 this year, many people want to try it and they are afraid to take it badly. It is recommended to put

 a plaid blanket on the body, even if it is a simple letter shirt and jeans, there will be no problem.

2. Blanket cloak+ Leggings

Because the cloak is wide and long, it can cover the buttocks perfectly. For the girls who pursuit 

of comfort, you can wear leggings directly out of the street. You are not afraid of be embarrassed

 with the long cloak. And the black leggings make you look very thin, so you can go out simply with

 a pair of booties. A girl has a good figure can pick the leggings with a waistband to match sneakers

 and a short top, then put on the cloak. The whole person feels chic and energetic.

3. Blanket cloak+ Straight pants

The advantage of straight pants is that it is not tight. Because the muscle lines are not emphasized, 

the overall appearance of the legs is long and thin. If you have a pair of high heels inside, there is 

a good effect of stretching the legs. The straight pants that are worn with the cloak of the blanket

 must not be large wide-leg pants, but the styles that need to be slimmed. The overlong style is 

the best. So the overall effect is better.

4.  Blanket cloak+ short skirt+ boots

This combination was once popular in the past two years. Because it makes your legs look thin and

 sexy. It can achieve good effects no whether what kind of stature you have. Girls who are not 

afraid of cold can take boots with a short skirt and wear a blanket cloak outside. This is also 

suitable for parties, both sexy and chic.

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