How to diy a pair of insect embroidery patch boots?

2019-03-06 17:13:44

Boots must be the necessity thing for every girl. But the style of boots always is simple.

 Maybe we can add some fun to the boots by ironing some insect embroidery patches 

on the boots such as bees, butterflies, flies, and ladybugs. Next, let me tell you hot to

 iron insect embroidery patches on a pair of inexpensive velvet ankle boots by yourself!

You will need:
Velvet ankle boots or shoes
mini insect patches
iron and/or hotfix tool

Place a patch on the boot and press the tip of the iron over it without touching the

 iron to the velvet fabric. Ironing velvet will crush the pile so you really just want to

 use the tip of the hot iron. Another option is to use a hotfix heat tool. It has a much 

smaller applicator – it just might take a bit longer to melt the glue from the patch to

 the shoe.

Continue adding patches.

You can add brass insect brooches by cutting off the pin with a pair of wire cutters 

and gluing them onto the shoe with a dollop of E6000.

It is really that easy!

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