Buy a sweater cardigan to welcome the spring

2019-03-01 16:50:48

Spring is coming soon, are you start considering worried about what to wear in spring? Do not think

 too much at this time, what is missing is a sweater cardigan! It is said that many stars are wearing

 knit cardigans recently? This item is very fashionable whether it is worn inside or outside. Then let

 me introduce some matching plans for you as references!

1. Sweater cardigan+Jeans

 Whether it is a versatile neutral sweater cardigan or a bright colored sweater cardigan, both can 

show the clean and simple feeling when they meet jeans that fit in all seasons. Cardigan sweater 

with wide leg pants is another kind of gas field, relaxed boot-cut silhouette graceful and very

 minimalist style of high-level, can be used with boots, to ensure that the legs do not get cold. If

 you want to ensure a good ratio when you wear it, remember to put the T-shirt into your jeans.

2. Sweater cardigan+Long skirt/dress

A soft cardigan sweater with a variety of dresses is a standard package for weekend dating. 

Although the cardigan is not as crisp as coat and windbreaker, it always makes people feel close 

and easy-going with gentle attributes. The lightness and femininity of the long skirt can alleviate

 the tedium of winter wear. So with the same gentle long skirt, the charm of a woman is probably 

like this.

3. As inner clothes

Do not think that the sweater cardigan has a very simple collocation. It is also a practical item for

 the beautiful girl who is afraid of cold. Sweater cardigans seek a casual and exquisite fashion 

sense in a clean and neat line, avoiding dullness and not too high-key when stacked with a crisp 

suit jacket. Sweater cardigans soften the angular lines when stacked in coats. With skirts and

 trousers, you can present a sexy or casual diversification.

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