A wool cap help you spend a warm winter

2019-01-11 16:33:29

The coldest day of the year has arrived. Everyone is busy adding thick coats to themselves while keeping 

warm accessories can not be ignored. Like a wool cap, most people buy one or two tops every winter 

because it is important to keep your head warm. And the wool cap is very fashionable and practical. So 

today I will talk to you about the wool hat.

Letter Wool Cap

The rise of street style in the past two years, the design of letters is naturally the most fashionable element.

 The letter wool cap belongs to a single item that can change the overall style when wearing it. And 

because it is popular, it can be mixed with any single item and will not be strange. The eye-catching wool 

hats with bigger letters bring more overall street styles. Even if they are matched with black or white, they

 can make the fashion index of your style very high. The wool cap with smaller and thin letters is relatively 

more casual and will not become a big highlight of the styling. But it is just a good decoration. For 

example, this slogan wool cap is not complicated when it is paired with a printed sweater. It also has the 

street feel. And the overall style is very good.

Striped Wool Cap

Hats with stripes and plaid patterns are more temperament than other models when worn on the head. 

This style of wool cap is more classic, not monotonous and not easy to date. They are also a highlight 

with an overall solid color. If you want to be the limelight, you can choose the contrasting black and white

 stripes. If you want to be low profile, choose a thin stripe.

Patterned Wool Cap

Most people will be attracted by the above pattern when they buy a hat. If it is interesting or special 

enough, then they will consider whether need to buy it or not. But the chance of placing the order are low.

 Because it.apos;s not that these eye-catching patterns are right for you. In fact, the very fancy wool cap is not 

practical. Why not consider buying a solid color with some simple and playful patterns? Those wool caps

 with brand logos are also worth buying. They can be used as the first item for brand fans, and the fashion

 index is not low. And many brands of logos have gone through decades and still fashionable, in line with 

the aesthetics of most people, basically no mistakes.

Pom pom Wool Cap

In the winter, the furry thing becomes the most irresistible item for every girl. In the winter, the furry

 thing becomes the most irresistible item for every girl. This hat looks are not stereo like other styles, 

because the weight of the pompom will make it look down. But the moving ball is very dynamic. And it

looks cute when you walk. If the pom pom is not too heavy, the front looks like a triangle. Then your head

 looks a little bigger than it is. it is recommended to pick a thinner style. The pom pom wool cap do not 

need to choose the colorful style because the pom pom itself is very distinctive, it is easy to be abrupt if 

the color is bright. The classic color such as black, white, gray and red is easier to control.

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