Something you want to know about blazer jackets

2019-01-04 16:59:37

Blazer jacket must be the most fashionable item this year. It is hot from summer all the way to 

winter. As everyone knows, it has all kinds of materials and styles. Besides, the blazer jacket can 

show the different feeling when matched with different trousers or skirts.

Oversize blazer jacket

Speaking of the secret of be cool in winter, you absolutely need an oversize blazer jacket. The

oversize design creates a sense of expansion in the upper body, making the legs look slimmer and 

longer! The soft but three-dimensional oversize style also makes the cellulite perfect invisible! If 

you feel that the oversize version let you look fatter, at this time you need a tight pants to save you.

 It can subtly weaken the swelling sensation of the upper body and achieve a slimming effect. In 

addition to the ability to modify the leg shape, the tight pants also have a good heat insulating ability. 

Velvet blazer jacket

Velvet suits take over all the clothing market in fall and winter. It is richer in color, and its unique

 material comes with a sense of quality. Whether with a feminine dress or a diplomatic pair of 

pants,  it comes with a noble temperament.

After talking about the style, let me introduce the collocation of the blazer jacket!

Blazer jacket+jeans

Blazer jacket generally leave a very old-fashioned impression on everyone. In fact, if you want to 

show the feeling of leisure, it can be matched with a pair of jeans that can be worn in all seasons. 

Jeans with casual attributes can not only subtly reduce the formal feel of black and white suits, 

but also can be fashionable with retro plaids and colorful suits.

Blazer jacket+belt

This dressing little tip is really very popular among stylish people. It makes you look high and slim.

 The thin decorative belt can also raise the waistline to create a perfect upper and lower body 


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