Do a bling rhinestone trim headband for yourself!

2018-12-26 18:02:30

If you are looking to make a gorgeous fashion-forward headband, then this is the DIY 

tutorial for you. These sparkly rhinestone trim headbands are made of wholesale crystal 

or pearl trim and they are very inexpensive when made from your own home. These 

headbands are absolutely breathtaking and make wonderful hair accessories for prom 

up-dos, weddings, formal events, dance teams, or even just to dress up an every day 

outfit for a night on the town with some bling!

This three step crystal rhinestone trim headband tutorial will show you the most common

 way the trim can be made into an easy-to-make trendy and elegant headband. Since

 the trim does NOT stretch, you must add a section of elastic to it in order to get it both

 on and off the head as well as make it fit snug and properly.

Supplies needed:

12-18 inches of rhinestone trim – rhinestone and pearl OR crystal rhinestone

1/4th inch flat elastic (cut to size) — you could also use 1/8th inch skinny elastic

Hot glue

Step 1

Depending on how much of the rhinestone trim you want showing around your head, you

 may or may not need to cut the trim down. To save on using all 18 inches of trim, you may

 want to cut down the rhinestone trim down to fit on your head just from ear to ear. Using

 a cutting tool, such as a jewelry snipper, cut your trim down to the length needed. Or you 

can go ahead and use all 18 inches! 

For the tear drop rhinestone trim, we cut it down to 12 inches to show you how it still fits

 all the way to your ears and the elastic can be hidden when the hair is worn down or styled

 in an up-do to hide it. Twelve inches down to 9 inches is the perfect amount for smaller 

children as the entire 18 inches will not be needed to fit on a toddler  .apos;s head.

Step 2

Measure the amount of elastic needed to complete the headband circle. Cut the elastic about

 2 inches short (up to 3 inches off, if you are not looping the elastic through any opening in

 trim) of that number, as the elastic stretches. This will ensure that the DIY rhinestone

 headband will fit secure on the head without being too tight or too loose. Then, to make 

sure the ends of elastic do not fray – lightly singe the ends with a lighter. Be careful not to

 burn the elastic though!

Step 3

Depending on the type of trim purchased for your rhinestone trim headband, you will 

either want to loop the end of elastic through the opening or you will want to directly 

attach the trim to the elastic.

Any of our trim that has a hole in it, such as the tear drop, double bubble or eye of the 

diamond, work great for looping the elastic through first (if you cut the trim down, you

 must remember to keep the opening closed for you to be able to loop through it). And

 then hot glue the end of the elastic to the other part of elastic that went in right before

 the opening, creating a loop in the elastic around the trim. You will do this on both sides

 of the trim to complete the circular headband, overlapping approximately 1/4th inch to 

1/2 inch.

As you can see, the amount of flat stretch elastic needed, greatly depends upon what 

length of rhinestone trim you choose to use as well as the size of the individual’s head

 that will be wearing the gorgeous headpiece.

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