Buy the fashion letter scarf to keep warm in the winter

2018-12-21 16:07:10

The essential thing in winter must be the scarf. Not only can it keeps warm, but also 

makes the shape richer. Although many people have more at least one scarf in their 

home, the fashion style of the scarf is different every year. So buying a scarf with 

the most fashionable design elements of the season is a good way to be stylish. 

For example, this year, the most popular is the sporty hip-hop style. So the letter 

scarf is the most popular style.

1. Short letter scarf
Recently, a lot of fashionable people have been fascinated by the short letters scarf, 

put them on their shoulders casually as decorations. The length of this scarf is very 

short, and it can.apos;t be around the neck. It can only be hung on the shoulder. But it is 

hot now.  Because the look is very different, and their design is very sporty, with 

enough letters and logos. Actually, this short scarf is called "Fans Scarf". It originated in

 the United Kingdom and is a loyal accessory for football fans. Since it is a derivative of 

sports, it is naturally sporty.

2. Long letter scarf
In fact, the long letter scarf is generally printed brand or Slogan. It is definitely an item 

to show personal style. This kind of scarf has only a single layer. If you fold it up, the 

full name of the Slogan cannot be seen. So everyone loves to wear it unfolded. The 

general public like to put the scarf in the lapels of long coats, which the fashion index

 is high, and is the way everyone can hold it.

3. Large letter shawl
Many people think that although this large shawl keeps warm, they do not really want to

 wear it to go out. Because it is too large to around the neck, and it is inconvenient to put

 on the body. Fortunately, the fashion people thought of a way to put them on their 

shoulders and then fix them with a belt. And the problem was solved immediately. Of 

course, people who like the style of the cloak can also buy a letter-printed cloak directly, 

which attract more attention than the average cloak style. The large letter shawl is also 

good-looking even if you take it off and hold it in your hand indoors.

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