Do you know how to control red color clothing?

2018-12-14 17:44:06

It is December now. It means that the Christmas Day and New Year will come soon. 

There is no doubt that red is the most popular color in these festivals. But do you know

 how to wear the red color clothing? 

1. Collocation with white color

 As the longest wavelength color, red is easily captured by our sight. It is a very 

high-presence color, and the requirements for skin color and matching are higher than 

other colors. White has a light sense in the visual. So when the transparent white is 

combined with the intense red, it produces a magical chemical effect. The strong contrast 

makes the red look more vivid and bright, giving people a lively and pleasant visual 

experience. So the combination of red and white is easy to make people look younger 

and more energetic.

2. Advanced stacking with depth and light color

Designer Bill Blass said: When you do not know what to wear, wear red. Red is so 

difficult to control, it is not easy to wear it well. Red stacking requires more sophisticated

 matching and thinking. So if you don.apos;t want to wear red in a monotonous and rude 

manner, be sure to use a stack of different saturations to wear the same color to a 

higher level.

3. Choose the high-grade fabrics

If you want to look in high grade when wear red, the selection of materials is very

important. Affordable fabrics make it easy to make reds cheap and rustic. As to

high-grade fabrics, you can choose the velvet that is hot in autumn and winter first. As 

a favorite of the nobility of the last century, the red color velvet has a gorgeous sense 

of high quality both in touch and luster. Highly recognizable chamois is also a good 

choiceSilk and red are also very common combinations.

4. As small area accessories

When red is used as an embellishment, it can quickly increase the sense of style even a

 small area. If you want to express a subtle celebration, a small area of red accessories

is definitely the perfect solution to spend New Year. The same color shoes and tops 

echo each other, both bright and harmonious. It is also a good way to improve the

 return rate by adoring a red piece of special material item.

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