You could not miss the charming accessory-Print Scarf

2018-10-31 17:24:49

In the golden age of scarves, Audrey Hepburn once said: “When I tied a scarf, I felt I 

was a woman and a beautiful woman like never before.” This is the charm that the 

scarves give to women. These years, the vintage style is more and more popular. As one

 of the vintage famous items, the scarf is a multifunctional accessory. The most stylish

style must be the print scarf. It can be a headband, belt, bracelet and so on. Then let.apos;s

 see it.apos;s all kinds of usages.

1. As a headband

Long-haired girls can use scarves as headbands to decorate their hair. Tie a ponytail 

casually by a scarf can solve the sweltering feeling of the summer capes. And it is also

 a holiday style.

Exquisite girls can, of course, tie the bun first and then wear a silk scarf for a more 

stylish look. Short hair can tie a bow on the forehead, which I believe many people


2. Replace the necklace

Attaching around the neck is the basic opening mode of scarves. Whether it is a long

ribbon or a small square, the attaching methods is also a wide variety. You can be simple

 and casual, is also a kind of beauty floating in the wind. Attaching a knot is also a shape. 

Attaching an inverted triangle on the neck is also very personal.

3. Tie on the wrist or arm

A scarf can not only replace the necklace to create a wonderful scene for the neck, but 

also replace the bracelet and become a tidal item on the wrist. If you think it is too 

monotonous, you can also match it with the watch and bracelet, becoming more 


4. As a belt

The charm of the scarves is far more than we thought.  In addition to the beauty and

 wildness, the use of one thing is hard to imagine. Not only can the print scarf is 

practical as a belt, but it can also increase the sense of depth and personality. The pants

 are even more handsome with a scarf. The elegance of the scarves and the sturdiness

 of the slim pants are perfectly neutralized. In a simple way, it creates a good shape 

and it is very seductive.

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