Make a bridal Rhinestone Crystal Pearl Applique sash for yourself

2018-09-26 17:13:30

Marriage is a sacred and romantic thing. In order to create your dream wedding. There

 are lots of accessories to think about - from your veil and shoes to your headpiece and

 earrings. If you.apos;d like to keep costs down and bring a beautifully handcrafted element

 to your bridal attire, you can make your own bridal sash. It could become a family

heirloom in years to come! In this tutorial, so you will learn how to create your own 

rhinestone crystal pearl applique that will be "the perfect one" for your wedding day.

  • Satin double-faced ribbon.
  • 10mm x 5mm Navette Rhinestone with Setting - Crystal/Silver
  • 12mm Round Sew-on Rhinestone - Crystal.
  • 6mm Round Loch Rosen Rhinestone - Crystal
  • SS19 Pointed Back RS with Setting
  • 3mm Resin Pearls
  • E6000 Glue.
  • Ultra-fine felt-tipped pen.
  • Circle template.
  • Sewing needle - make sure your beads fit over your needle before starting.
  • Colored thread 
  • Scissors.

Our pattern is composed of three linked circles. It is one large 50.8mm

circle in the center, and two 44.45mm circles on each side. So you will need your pen

 and your circle template to trace these circles onto your white felt. First, hold your felt 

down, and place the circle template on top of the felt. Trace the large center circle first,

using the 50.8mm circle on the template.

Next, trace the smaller 44.45mm circle on the right side of the center circle. Make sure

the smaller circle slightly overlaps the center circle. Then do the same on the left side.

Next, cut your pattern out of the felt with your scissors. Cut closely inside of the pen

 marks you have made to trace the pattern. You don.apos;t want any pen marks showing on

 your white felt. If you happen to have a couple of light pen marks you should be able

 to cover them with beads and crystals, but try your best to avoid it. The base of your

 pattern should look like this.




We will be alternating the crystals and pearls on the first row of the pattern. To get 

started, pick up one SS19 Pointed Back Crystal, which is the small round one. You will

 notice that the bottom of this crystal has four holes in the setting. Put the needle 

through two of the holes to string the crystal on the thread. Now slide the crystal all

 the way down to meet the felt pattern.

Once it is tight, poke the needle downwards, into the felt to secure the bead with a

 hand stitch. Make sure your stitch is very close and tight to the crystal. Then try to keep 

all of the beads and crystals tightly placed together, so we cannot see the white felt 

underneath. Surely our stitches will be continuous until we run out of the thread.