Each plaid has its own name-the species of the plaid

2018-09-21 16:55:59

The origin of the plaid can be traced to the ancient Scotland, which to identify the enemy

 and noted the family name. besides, it also used to distinguished the rank of the noble.

 Maybe you have at least one plaid item. But do you know the species of it? It is said that

 each kind of overcoat has its own story.

1.Harris Tweed

Harris Tweed is a thick handmade wool fabric that was made in the islands of northwestern

 Scotland. Main of the color is soft earth color. And the common pattern is zig-zag and fine



2.Vichy Plaid

Vichy plaid staggers by two different colors, such as white and red, white and black, and 

white and blue. Vichy plaid is always the classic fashion element. It has been the 

deputation of fashion from the 1960s.


3.Glen Plaid

It was the wool textile of Highlands Glenorco town, Scotland originally. At the end of the 

nineteenth century, countess Earl of Seafield was the first people to fashion an overcoat 

from glen plaid. Then she gave it to her steward. It has an opportunity to be agreed and

spread widely after it had been getting the favor of the Prince of Wales(Duke of Windsor).



It is as black and white as a chess board, fully demonstrating the extremes of the two worlds.

 And it was once a symbolic hallmark of the LV. Even it is not so mysterious. And it has been

 the eye-catching elements of the street.



The basic colors of Tartan are black, white, red, yellow, green, and dark blue, from 2 colors

 to 6 colors. It has been more than 4,000 kinds of patterns after the development. During 

the historic battle of Culloden between Scotland and England, the brave Scottish fighters

dressed in a checkered dress left a deep impression on the English. There is no doubt that

 Scottish plaid became part of Scottish culture and tradition.  So there is a saying that .apos;the

 plaid of the Scotland is equal to the history of England.apos;.



Originated from Prince of Wales check, Houndstooth has been the favorite of British

 aristocracy since the Duke of Windsor has worn this tweed pattern in the 19th-20th 

century. It brings the feeling of funny and nifty because of the abstract pattern like birds. 

This is why the young and fashion person likes to mash up using it.


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