Rhinestone Transfer

The Rhinestone Transfer is a group of hotfix rhinestones that have been arranged in some kind of design so that it can be heat pressed onto fabric Read More

Badge with Rhinestone Chain

Combine with rhinestone chain, the sequin patch and embroidery patch with glue backing is to iron on your T-shirt, hats, dress, and overcoats to bright your life! Read More

Felt Fabric Rhinestone Patch

Felt Fabric Rhinestone Patch is a patch that is created with the rhinestones and the nonwoven fabric. It can be used on the garment, shoes, bags Read More

Sequin Patch

Sequin Patch is a kind of patch that is made using the sequins and fabric backing and thread. It can be sewn on or ironed on garment, bags, shoes and so on Read More

Acrylic Stone Patch

Acrylic Stone Patch is the patch made of the acrylic stones with the metal claw. It can be heat pressed onto garment, shoes, bags, and hats because of its glue backing Read More

Beaded Applique

These beaded appliques are made of felt, rhinestones, crystals and beads. They are perfect for dress, skirt, jeans, jackets, hats, bags, dolls, coats, scarf, crafts, etc. Read More

Vacuum Transfer

Vacuum Transfer is a group of Copper Convex, Plastic, Alumina or Zinc Alloy materials. It With perfect lines, direction, and pattern. It can be heat pressed onto fabric. Read More

Laser Cut Epoxy Transfer

Laser Cut Epoxy Transfer is cut into any shape you want by the laser cut machine from the rhinestone epoxy sheets. It can be ironed on garment, shoes, bags, and textile. Read More

Embroidery Patch

Also known as a cloth badge, Embroidery Patch is a piece of embroidery which is created by using a fabric backing and thread. They can be sewed on or ironed on the fabric where you want. Read More

Heat Transfer

Heat Transfers are screen printed designs that are printed on a special heat transfer release paper instead of directly on the shirt. Once the design is screen printed onto the paper Read More

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Why not buy a pair of thin strap sandals in summer?

Why not buy a pair of thin strap sandals in summer?

In the summer when the hot air is rolling, in addition to the slippers necessary for home leisure, are there more versatile and cool shoes available? Recently, many girls have quietly put on sandals. Compared with the ordinary thick belt, this thin strap sandals with a small high heel is both good-looking and slim, suitable for all kinds of summer matching and occasions, really eye-catching. Why choose a thin strap? Because it makes your legs look thin and long. Why not buy a pair of them?

DIY rhinestone embellished shoe clips to decorate your shoes

DIY rhinestone embellished shoe clips to decorate your shoes

Do you know that the shoes with rhinestone embellished are very fashionable these years? Actually, you can DIY a pair of rhinestone embellished shoe clips to decorate your shoes. It is completely removable so that you can use them with any shoes… flats or heels and place them wherever you like!

Add a stylish color to your look by hair clips

Add a stylish color to your look by hair clips

For most girls, in addition to clothes, shoes, and cosmetics, all kinds of hairpin and headbands are also essential. Choose a headgear that suits you, which can add a lot of color to the whole person. A variety of small colorful hair clips that were fashionable in our childhood, as well as various metal and pearl models, which became the love of fashionable women in this season. In fact, since the beginning of 2018, hairpin has become the most popular type of hair accessories. Then let us take a look at which of the most popular ones.

Iron rose patches on the oversize T-shirt by yourself

Iron rose patches on the oversize T-shirt by yourself

I love the idea that iron on the patches over the chest area and just happen to produced a handful of black and silver near-vintage rose patches from our factory and now I finally have a use for two of them.

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