Rhinestone Transfer

The Rhinestone Transfer is a group of hotfix rhinestones that have been arranged in some kind of design so that it can be heat pressed onto fabric Read More

Badge with Rhinestone Chain

Combine with rhinestone chain, the sequin patch and embroidery patch with glue backing is to iron on your T-shirt, hats, dress, and overcoats to bright your life! Read More

Felt Fabric Rhinestone Patch

Felt Fabric Rhinestone Patch is a patch that is created with the rhinestones and the nonwoven fabric. It can be used on the garment, shoes, bags Read More

Sequin Patch

Sequin Patch is a kind of patch that is made using the sequins and fabric backing and thread. It can be sewn on or ironed on garment, bags, shoes and so on Read More

Acrylic Stone Patch

Acrylic Stone Patch is the patch made of the acrylic stones with the metal claw. It can be heat pressed onto garment, shoes, bags, and hats because of its glue backing Read More

Beaded Applique

These beaded appliques are made of felt, rhinestones, crystals and beads. They are perfect for dress, skirt, jeans, jackets, hats, bags, dolls, coats, scarf, crafts, etc. Read More

Vacuum Transfer

Vacuum Transfer is a group of Copper Convex, Plastic, Alumina or Zinc Alloy materials. It With perfect lines, direction, and pattern. It can be heat pressed onto fabric. Read More

Laser Cut Epoxy Transfer

Laser Cut Epoxy Transfer is cut into any shape you want by the laser cut machine from the rhinestone epoxy sheets. It can be ironed on garment, shoes, bags, and textile. Read More

Embroidery Patch

Also known as a cloth badge, Embroidery Patch is a piece of embroidery which is created by using a fabric backing and thread. They can be sewed on or ironed on the fabric where you want. Read More

Heat Transfer

Heat Transfers are screen printed designs that are printed on a special heat transfer release paper instead of directly on the shirt. Once the design is screen printed onto the paper Read More

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Make a pretty pearl ribbon choker to match your dress

Make a pretty pearl ribbon choker to match your dress

There is known to all that choker is very popular for fashion girls to match with beautiful dresses in summer. Then I will DIY a pearl ribbon choker that is feminine and pretty and I just love it. It can go fancy or casual and worn a few different ways around your neck or waist or even in your hair or as whatever else you can think of!

DIY vintage pearls and rhinestones embellished collar

DIY vintage pearls and rhinestones embellished collar

Collars and embellished collars are favored by fashion people for the past couple of years now. However, many people can not find any collar that suits her. So I offered a hand and thought I would give it my own spin using faux pearls, vintage rhinestone earrings & buttons, as well as vintage aurora borealis beads from an old broken necklace. Rather than cluttering up the entire collar though, I created a pretty visual pattern that begins on one side and ends on the other.

Satin element is the hottest this year in fashion circle

Satin element is the hottest this year in fashion circle

The velvet item dominated the fashion circle last year. But this year, the satin element is the hottest. It used to say that satin is always too rich and old-fashioned, but now the satin piece can be both elegant and sexy, and fashionable people are rushing to wear it~

DIY oversize Black Round Frames Sunglasses with Rhinestones…

DIY oversize Black Round Frames Sunglasses with Rhinestones…

What is essential in the summer? Of course, sunglasses. I DIY a few pairs of sunglasses I do not wear very often and made them super-wearable by adding a little BLING! And I turned my boring old sunglasses into unique, one-of-a-kind gems that I like. I used a combination of gems, pearls, buttons, as well as some vintage clip-on earrings, and mesh from a vintage bag, left-over from this DIY.

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